Running Cloud9 Desktop

You can run the Cloud9 SDK as a stand alone application that runs inside nw.js (aka node-webkit). The "Cloud9 Desktop" version is not yet announced and is available to you as an early preview as part of the SDK.

Setting up the SDK

Download the SDK with the following command:

git clone c9sdk

This will clone the repository into the c9sdk directory. To install the dependencies of the SDK run the following commands:

cd c9sdk

You can run the script also to update the SDK to the latest version.

Set up nw.js in debug mode

To create the debug build of Cloud9 Desktop issue the following command.


Then wait until it's complete.


You only need to do this once

This build will use the files from the repo, so you only need this once and then every time we update nw.js, which isn't that often.

Starting Cloud9 Desktop

On Linux run the following command in a terminal:


On Mac OS X issue the following command to start Cloud9 Desktop:


Alternatively you can double click the build/ in the finder.

On Windows launch


Either by double clicking on it or from the command line.

Pass --packed and --no-devtools arguments to the Cloud9 executable to load client in packed mode and not open devtools on startup.