Getting started with the Cloud9 SDK

If you're reading this because you are interested in writing a plugin for Cloud9. That's great, welcome!

This guide will walk you through the different resources that are available to help you to get started and find answers during development.


Alpha Release

It's important to note that the Cloud9 SDK is in Alpha state. This means that the SDK is still unstable and anything might break. It is our aim to have everything stable enough for Beta in the near future. You can help us by reporting issues you find and things that are unclear in the documentation. Thank you!

Running the SDK

Check out our guide on installing and running the SDK for a step-by-step description on how to get up and running. While in Alpha, the best way to run the SDK is to install it from GitHub.

Running Cloud9 Desktop

If you are interested in the forthcoming desktop version of Cloud9, check out the guide on running Cloud9 Desktop.


Here is a set of guides to help you get started. More guides are on their way. We'll expand the list as we go.


Contributing a Fix

If you don't want to create a whole plugin of your own, please check our guide on contributing changes to existing plugins which are maintained by Cloud9.

Reporting Bugs

Report any issues with the Cloud9 SDK in the issues of the Cloud9 Core package or in the issues of the package, if you know which package the issue relates to. Search through the issues to make sure someone else did not already report the issue.


Add yourself to the Cloud9 SDK mailing list. This list is used by plugin developers like yourself to ask questions and provide help to others in the community. All the Cloud9 core developers are members of this mailing list and will help where needed.