Runners are small JSON files that describe how to run files of a certain type. These runners can also tell Cloud9 which debugger to use and how to provide relevant information to the user who starts the runner. When a user hits the run button in Cloud9 it will use the filename to determine which runner to choose and use that runner to run that file. Users can use the run menu to select a runner of choice to run the current file.

For more information on creating runners see this guide

Adding a Runner to a Bundle

A bundle can contain one or more runners. Each runner must be stored in a single file with a .run extension and be placed in the runners directory.

The filename of your runner will be used as the caption of the menu item for that runner.

Suppose your runner is called Your file structure will look something like this:

└─ your.plugin
    ├─ runners
    |    └─
    ├─ package.json