Cloud9 Bundle

Conceptually similar to the TextMate Bundle, a Cloud9 Bundle is a collection of resources that can be packed into a plugin for distribution to fellow coders. The following resources can be included in a Cloud9 Bundle.

RunnersSmall JSON file defining how to run a particular type of source file.
BuildersSmall JSON file defining how to build a particular type of source file.
KeymapsJSON file that sets custom key bindings.
SnippetsA structure file that defines new snippets for a language mode.
ModesSyntax highlighting, folding rules and behaviors for a language.
OutlineSmall JSON file describing the parse rules that make up the outline view for a mode.
ThemesA css file describing the syntax highlighting colors.
TemplatesA definition of new file templates.

To add a resource to your plugin create a directory and give it the name of the resource type you are adding in all lower case.

cd myplugin
mkdir themes
cd themes

Then add your resource to that directory. Note that each resource has its own format and meta data. See the individual guides for more information.